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Across from Harvard Square along the Charles River is where you’ll find Allston. Allston borders Cambridge, Watertown, Netwon, Brookline, and fellow Boston neighborhood Brighton. As one of the youngest neighborhoods in Boston, Allston is home to all sorts of popular bars, music venues and coffee shops. Additionally, it’s easily accessible via public transit, with many Green Line stops along Commonwealth Avenue. With so many students and young people moving in and out, it’s easy for Allston Residential Moving Company like us to stay busy.

September 1st: “Allston Christmas”

With so many students populating Allston’s apartment buildings, dorms, and three-deckers, most of the area’s leases start and end on September 1st of every year. Because of this, the days around Labor Day are known as “Allston Christmas” — or the day when so many students move out of town with nowhere to put their old possessions. As a result, some enterprising residents take the opportunity to snag a gently used desk or bookcase for free!

Allston Moving Permits

With so many people moving in and out in September, you’ll definitely need moving permits for any move around that time. You can easily get them from the City of Boston. Or you can have your movers post them for you. But even if you decide to move during off-peak times, it might be a good idea to have permits for the small streets off Brighton and Commonwealth Avenues. And even in metered spaces, it’s good to be able to secure the space for the day of the move.

Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern University

One of the reasons Massachusetts towns appear on lists of the smartest in the United States? Because we have so many elite colleges and universities here. With easy access to Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern, it’s no wonder that Allston is packed with students. Additionally, Harvard and MIT are just across the river. So it’s a great neighborhood for off-campus living and meeting fellow twenty-somethings.

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