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Boston’s Historic Suburb: A Guide from a Bedford Moving Company

Originally settled by European colonists in 1640, Bedford was incorporated as a town in 1729. Using land formerly part of the neighboring towns of Concord and Billerica, Bedford has since grown into an almost rural town of just over 13,000 residents.

Bedford’s sparse population is quite a contrast to nearby Boston, whose downtown area is only 15 miles to the southeast. With a more relaxed feel than some the more populous Boston suburbs like Natick, Somerville, or Medford, Bedford is a great spot for lovers of American history.

In fact, the Bedford Free Public Library is home to what’s known as the “Bedford Flag.” The famous artifact is the oldest American flag known to have been flown in battle. Sporting the Latin motto, “Vince Aut Morire,” (meaning “Conquer or Die”) the Bedford Flag accompanied Revolutionary soldiers into the Battle of Concord in April of 1775.

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Bedford is home to the famous “Bedford Flag,” which flew at the Battle of Concord in 1775.

Looking for Bedford Moving Movers? Bedford Home Values are Reasonable for the Area

According to Zillow’s Home Value Index, the median price for a Bedford home is just over $680,000. That figure represents about a four percent increase over the past year — so Bedford home values are fairly stable.

Renting an apartment in Bedford should cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,400. Of course, that figure depends on the size of the unit. And while that number has Bedford rental prices lower than the Boston Metro median, there are not a ton of available rental units in the town. Most people, when thinking of moving to Bedford, are looking to own.

Bedford Moving Company: Transit Options

Bedford offers easy transportation into Boston via Interstate 95, as well as a handful of MBTA buses that bring passengers into Cambridge and Boston. Additionally, the town is just six miles from Hanscom Field, the air field next to Hanscom Air Force Base. While Hanscom doesn’t feature any major commercial flights on a regular basis, it is often the starting point for private charters originating in the Boston area. (For example, the Celtics often use Hanscom as the departure point for road trips.)

Bedford, Massachusetts:

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