The Best Movers I’ve Ever Used

The Best Movers are Boston’s Safe Responsible Movers

Our MA moving company provided lifestyle blogger Heather Kepshire with “the best movers I’ve ever used,” according to a 2013 post about her Boston area move.

In the post about her move, she mostly focuses on her giant couch. The couch had some trouble getting in her building, so she was happy with how easily we moved it out. (Certain couches can be notoriously difficult difficult to move in the tight confines of Boston stairwells.)

She also jokes that we used to a dolly for one of her boxes, a large box of shoes. To be fair, the box was too large for a single mover to safely lift it. This is why we always advise customers to use small, safely taped boxes for heavy items like shoes and books, and only use larger boxes for light stuff like pillows and comforters.

All in all, we’re confident that her move went well. And that she decided to write about the experience means a lot to us.

The Highest Praise Depends on the Source

We’ve gotten great press in the past, of course. Respected local outlets like Boston Magazine, The Improper Bostonian, Scout Somerville, and Scout Cambridge have all included us on their lists of the best movers in Boston. Also, the Better Business Bureau has given our movers a perfect “A+” rating.

Best Movers - Safe Responsible Movers was named Boston's best movers by the Improper Bostonian

We’re very proud of the press we’ve received from the Improper Bostonian and Scout Magazines, but first-person reviews always hit home a little more.

We’re certainly happy with all the positive publicity. But ultimately, first-person testimonials like Heather’s are what matter the most to us. You can see countless reviews of our moving services from Google, Facebook, and Yelp. (Okay, they’re obviously not “countless,” but there are a lot of them. We’ve aggregated them on our site here, as well.)

You can read Heather’s whole post here. (Also check out her blog — It’s full of anecdotes and tips about home renovation, and her pretty interesting insight about style and beauty.)

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