Boston Magazine: We’re one of the Best Moving Companies in Boston!

Boston Magazine: We’re one of the Best Moving Companies in Boston!

Last summer, Boston Magazine writer Shaula Clark published a list of the 13 best moving companies in Boston and the surrounding area. Naturally, they put us on the list, calling us the best choice for “Moving Between Boston and the ‘Burbs.”

Two men reading the paper in Jerusalem. (We do not perform out-of-state moves)

“Did you hear? Safe Responsible is one the best moving companies in Boston!” By Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Even though the list came out last year, we’re still very proud to be a part of it, as it confirms our suspicion — that we’re one of the very best moving companies in Massachusetts! They single out our flat travel fee as something that helps make our pricing transparent and easy to understand.

Here’s what the article says about us:

“Why do people keep coming back to Safe Responsible Movers? For one thing, they really live up to their name, according to more than 100 enthusiastic eyewitness accounts. And they can be an especially attractive option for people who need to cover some distance and don’t want to worry about travel time increasing the cost—SRM offers a fixed travel fee. Yelpers report smooth moves in the metro area and beyond.”

Looking for Boston’s other best moving companies? You can check out the entire list here.

Safe Responsible Movers never has hidden fees!

Wondering about our flat travel fee? It’s pretty simple and we’ll never surprise you with extra fees. Read all about it here.

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