Winter Mishap? Call the Best Boston Moving Company!

Moving through the Deep Freeze with the Best Boston Moving Company

Winter has arrived with a vengeance. With record lows freezing the northern half of the country this week, many in Boston are staying inside whenever possible. Among those brave souls that have been going out, their concerns have been practical and immediate. Dressing warmly and driving safely are certainly important aspects of dealing with the cold snap. But the unprecedented chill can have longer-term consequences, as well.

One potential problem that comes with with the brutal New England temperatures that have, in some places, plunged to depths lower than those on Mars, is the damage the weather can do to your home. Burst pipes, falling tree branches, and ice-clogged sprinkler systems can all create situations that require immediate (and expensive) remedies.

Calling the Plumber or the Electrician? Call the Movers First!

Contractors can’t fix problems they can’t access. Hopefully you won’t be unfortunate enough to suffer a burst pipe or some other winter-related calamity. But if you are, make sure that to call the movers as soon as the plumber is booked. Nobody will be happy if someone shows up to your house, planning to fix the heat, only to leave and come back later because the work area is inaccessible. That’s just a waste.

Remember — it’s the slow season for moving companies. That means most movers not only will have the availability to fit you in to their schedules, but also can often offer a lower rate than usual. If you’re just asking the movers to take your washer and dryer from the laundry room to the garage, be sure to emphasize the small scale of the job. If you’re booking the movers to come twice — first to expose the work area, and second to put everything back — let them know! Most companies will offer you a deal if they know they can book two jobs at once.

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