Watch Boston Move Through Time in this Experimental Video

“Boston In Flux” – See Boston Moving Through History

Two local filmmakers, Paul Villanova and friend of Safe Responsible Movers Richard TK Hawke (who took many of the photographs that appear on this website), recently made a pretty fascinating video. They took old footage of prominent locations around Boston, like Copley Square, the State House, and the Public Garden, and recreated the same exact shots from the same exact angles. They then layered the new footage over the old.

The result is a stark contrast between the Boston of the 1920’s and the Boston of today. The music, composed and recorded by Marc Valois of Starlab Studios, has the same effect — blending samples of music from the period with a new composition. (Fun fact: Safe Responsible Movers has been a proud sponsor of Somerville’s Starlabfest for many years!)

“Boston In Flux” is a fascinating look at the changing nature of cities since the invention of moving film. In fact, many neighborhoods are barely recognizable before filtering into the now-familiar neighborhoods we know.

You can check out the entire video of Boston moving through time below:

You can read more about the film here.

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