Safe Responsible Movers Guide to West Roxbury

West Roxbury, Boston’s Urban Getaway

West Roxbury is a residential area in Boston situated between the city’s Roslindale and Hyde Park neighborhoods on the East and Southeast and the towns of Brookline Newton, Needham, and Dedham to North and West.

Founded as part of the town in Roxbury in 1630, West Roxbury was mostly farmland for many years. Though the landscape has changed over the past few hundred years, the neighborhood still maintains its character as a more residential, less densely packed alternative to areas closer to Boston’s bustling downtown.

West Roxbury Homes are Generally Inexpensive . . . For Now

Having a median home value of $514,100, West Roxbury is cheaper than the rest of Boston, but not by much. And with that average increasing over the past year by an average of 10.2%, real estate prognosticator Zillow projects home values to continue to rise 3.7% over the next year.

Residential construction dominates most areas of West Roxbury. The neighborhood features many single family homes and two-family duplexes. The neighborhood does have its share of smaller units within larger apartment buildings (as well as the city of Boston’s only trailer park). For the most part, however, larger residences are the norm in West Roxbury.

Despite the predominance of homes that are often larger than those in the other parts of Boston, residences in West Roxbury still feature many of the narrow stairwells and thresholds found throughout New England. So no matter the size of your new home, we always recommend the using a split box spring. (Another way to avoid headaches on moving day is to dismantle your bed before the movers arrive.)

West Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts.

Centre Street, with its many restaurants and retail shops, is the primary thoroughfare of Boston’s West Roxbury neighborhood. (Photo by Biruitorul at English Wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

West Roxbury, Boston’s own Utopian Paradise

In the 1840s, the area was home to the Brook Farm Institute for Agriculture and Education, one of many transcendental Utopian communities to pop up around the country during the middle of the eighteenth century.

Founded by George and Sophia Ripley as a joint stock company in what was then a town separate from the urban center of Boston, Brook Farm strove to uphold the ideals of “industry without drudgery, and true equality without its vulgarity.” Any member could do whatever work he or she wanted, and all community members would be paid equally.

Nathaniel Hawthorne, one-time West Roxbury resident.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was a founding member of West Roxbury’s Brook Farm, an 18th-century Utopian Society. (Photo by Mathew Brady [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Though financially insolvent less than half a decade after its founding, the farm lives in author (and founding Brook Farm member) Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1852 work The Blithedale Romance. The novel takes places primarily within a Utopian agricultural community based on Brook Farm.

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation now owns and maintains the farm.

Things to do in West Roxbury

Tony’s Place is a great Italian restaurant located at 188 Baker Street. Featuring an extensive menu of traditional favorites, seafood, and pizza, Tony’s also has a full beer and wine list.

On Centre Street you can find Pu Pu Chinese (2060 Centre St.), a known Safe Responsible favorite. Right next door is Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts (2056 Centre St.), offering a great guilty pleasure for your sweet tooth.

And we can’t talk about West Roxbury without mentioning Boomerang’s (1870 Centre St.), a non-profit heping people living with HIV/AIDs. Boomerang’s is also great if you’re moving (which we’ve mentioned before). Moving into a bigger place that needs furniture? They have a great selection of lightly used items to choose from! Need to get rid of old stuff? They have a great donation program! (In fact they will often come pick up old furniture at your house!)

West Roxbury Moving Resources

In addition to Boomerang’s, we’ve pointed out some helpful places to pick up supplies or find helpful services ahead of your move. However, if you’re looking to find services or moving supplies in West Roxbury, here are a few options:

Truck Rental:

U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer88 Spring StreetWest Roxbury, MA 02132(617) 323-0552

Penske Truck Rental/The Home Depot1213 VFW ParkwayWest Roxbury, MA 02132(617) 323-3495

Storage and Moving Supplies: 

Roslindale Self Storage44 Lochdale Rd.,Roslindale, MA 02131(617) 983-2100

Moving into or out of West Roxbury? Let us know today and we’ll get you a quote right away!