We’re Boston’s Best Movers! Again!

Guess what? Someone else called us Boston’s Best Movers!

After the Improper Bostonian named us Boston’s Best Movers and Scout Magazines nominated us as the best movers in both Cambridge and Somerville, we figured we’ve received enough praise for the summer.

Well, apparently not. Turns out, the folks over at Sumu (a new Boston-based app for finding no-fee apartments), also think we’re the top moving company in the Boston Area:

Naturally, we think it’s an honor that such a new and exciting company thought of us as the top moving company in the city.

If you’re looking for a place, you should check out their twitter page and their website. Of course, this is especially important if you need to move by September 1st.

The application they’ve developed is extremely easy to use. You can sort potential apartments by price, location, size. You can also pick whether you’re looking for a whole apartment or just a private room. With rents on the rise all over Massachusetts, a tool like this is just what renters in Boston need. And there are no broker fees!

So, of course, we are thrilled that these guys think we’re great!

If you agree, please take a minute to vote in Scout Magazines’ Scout’s Honored awards. You can vote for your favorites in Somerville and Cambridge. (We’ve listed a few of our favorites here — in case you need help deciding!)

Are you moving soon? If so, consider using us! September is right around the corner and moving slots are going fast! Fill out our easy-to-use moving request form, and we’ll send over a quote today! (Remember these helpful tips when choosing a date to get the most competitive rate!)