How to find the Cheapest Movers

Can the Cheapest Movers be the Best Movers? Sometimes!

Everybody wants to save money. So when looking for a moving company, it only makes sense to look for the cheapest movers you can find, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Let’s look at not only how to find the cheapest moving quote, but also how to ensure that the quote you get is the same quote that will be charged at the end of the move.

A Reliable Moving Company Will Save You More Than Money (But Also Money)

Who will be the cheapest movers? A reputable, reliable moving company with Better Business Bureau Accreditation and verified Yelp and Google Reviews, or the cheapest movers you can find on Craigslist? It’s gotta be the Craigslist movers, right? It could be. But it often won’t be.

Here’s why: a moving company that other real, verifiable people and organizations have reviewed is only going to charge you what they say they’re going to charge you. If they break something, they will either replace it or make a reasonable effort to rectify the loss. If the moving service from a company like that isn’t up to your standards, you have many clear paths of recourse. You can leave a bad review or file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, for example.

In short, the more information that exists about certain movers, the more incentive they have to keep that information positive.

What happens when the two dudes you hire off Craigslist break a lamp or scratch your couch? If they ignore your phone calls or emails, you can’t report them anywhere, because the company doesn’t exist anywhere. So not only are you taking on an extra moving cost, you are also going through what can be a frustrating and mentally exhausting process.

Sometimes the Cheapest Movers have the Highest Hidden Fees

When booking your Boston movers, be sure to know each and every item or service they charge for. We’ve heard horror stories about customers who were charged fees for stairs, fuel surcharges, tape, stretch wrap, and more.

We charge only our hourly rate and travel fee, unless we need to get permits for the move. That’s it. We don’t charge for anything else.

Also be prepared with well-packed boxes to ensure the move goes as quickly as possible. That’s a another good way to save money.

Know Your Building

If you live in a large building with an elevator and/or a loading dock, make sure to reserve it on moving day. If you overlook this key detail of the move, you could end up fighting other movers or residents for elevator or loading dock access. A situation like that could delay your move, and while it won’t affect your hourly rate, it will make the day much longer, and therefore much more expensive.

Additionally, if your movers don’t have a legal and safe place to park, then your move will inevitable take longer. Make sure you have the right permits for the moving truck before the move to avoid any possible issues.

Who’s Responsible for the Weather?

Most legitimate moving companies (like us, for example) carry workman’s compensation insurance. Most legitimate insurance companies don’t cover activities that are not explicitly offered by certain businesses. Therefore, snow removal service is generally not covered by a moving company’s workman’s compensation insurance.

If you live in large building, ask the concierge or building manager what the snow policy is. If you rent an apartment in a residential neighborhood, ask your landlord. And if you are a homeowner, the responsibility to remove snow is yours.

For more tips on moving in the winter, read our winter moving guide here. (Also be sure to know your city’s snow emergency parking regulations.)

Some Movers Offer Discount Codes or Coupons for Your Move

Another easy way to find the cheapest movers? Search for discounts. If the company is listed on Yelp (as most moving companies are), you can often find some deals on there. Other companies sometimes list discount codes on their own websites.

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