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If you’re looking to contact us, the fastest way to get a response to is to fill out a request to get a moving quote. If that’s not applicable, or if you have a specific question, consult our moving tips to see if we’ve already answered there.

Our email is info (@)  and our phone number is 617-606-9098. Email reaches us more quickly, and results in a faster response. This is because we’re a small moving company, and we’re often out on moves or estimates and can’t answer the phone or call back as quickly as we’d like.

Let’s Put It in Writing

We always prefer to do booking over email to avoid any ambiguity regarding any of the details. Always. Consequently, no booking is fully confirmed over the phone. Our Boston movers can talk over details and answer any questions, but no move is ever official until we send you a confirmation email.

Additionally, email gives us a chain of communication and a written record to which we can refer back. So if there’s any confusion, and the mover and the customer aren’t sure what the agreement was, we can look. This way, both the movers and the customer are protected.

Sound good? Get a moving quote today by filling out our request form.

Boston Moving Permits

If you’re looking for info on how to get moving permits, that information is over here. We offer moving permit acquisition services in Boston, Somerville, and Brookline. We do not offer this service in Cambridge because the City of Cambridge will post moving permits for you if requested.


Business Address:

Safe Responsible Movers
24 Denby Rd, #28
Boston, MA 02134
Phone: 617-606-9098

Snail Mail:

If you’re trying to send us physical mail, use the following address:

Safe Responsible Movers
P.O. Box 301390
Boston, MA 02130

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Anything else we should know about your move?

For example: narrow/steep driveways where some vehicles have bottomed out; time constraints for an elevator/loading dock; anything to be taken apart, or that was assembled inside your home; a long walk between your unit and the elevator or between your house and the street; narrow stairwells, tight bulkheads, or low ceilings; additional pick-ups or drop-offs, etc.