Couch Moving Gone Wrong: A Postmortem

The Perils of Couch Moving

One of our pastimes at Safe Responsible Movers is watching YouTube videos of moves gone wrong. Sure, there’s a healthy dose of schadenfreude, (German word for “pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune”) but there’s a utility to this as well. By studying the errors of others we hope to avoid them ourselves. Couch moving can be particularly problematic, as seen below:

What Went Wrong

Judging from the lack of moving equipment and technique, we assume that the individuals in the above video were not professional movers. Even though they weren’t pros, that poor innocent couch didn’t have to die such an ignominious death. If you know how to do it, couch moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

It’s difficult to tell from the video, but it appears that they’re attempting to lower the couch off of a balcony. They could have helped their cause by purchasing straps and moving blankets (see Where To Buy Supplies For Your Move), since it’s quite dangerous to lower a piece like that without any straps or protection. Couch moving isn’t easy, but even an amateur can do it if they take the time to research proper technique.

Couch Moving: How to do it Right

With proper couch moving procedure, the couch itself should be securely wrapped in moving blankets. The movers should also secure the couch with appropriate ratchet straps. At least two movers, preferably three, should be on the top, safely lowering the piece to another one or two people on the ground.  Those on the ground would guide the couch away from the building and onto the preferred landing area. The two gentlemen on the balcony would’ve had more control over the couch if they were able to slowly lower it. Instead, it teetered on the railing, completely unprotected, slipped from their grasp, and plummeted to its ultimate doom.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in this endeavor. And it sounds like those involved got a good laugh out of it. However, couch moving doesn’t have to end like this. Sometimes you’re better off bringing in pros like us.

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Featured photo by Wikidapit (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons