Got Clutter? Donate your Furniture!

Too Much Stuff? Donate your Furniture to a Good Cause!

If your upcoming move has got you thinking of hiring movers, it’s because you’ve got more stuff than you want to carry. That’s obvious. You’ve got a lot of stuff, so you hire movers to get it from one place to another. But what if your new place is smaller than your current place? What if you and your fiance live in two different apartments? What do you do with the extra stuff? The answer is easy — donate your furniture!

One option is to move it all to the new place, but then you might have too much stuff! Now your great new place is cluttered with furniture and cramped. That’s no good. Another is renting a storage space. However, that’s extra money you don’t have for a service you don’t really need.

Besides, the more stuff you have, the longer your move will take. The longer your move takes, the more expensive it will be. So if you want to save time and money on moving day, your best option is to donate whatever you don’t need. This way, you’ll save money on your move, have more space in your new place, potentially help out someone in need, and even save a little money on your taxes.

Donate your furniture ahead of your to save time and money

Moving Soon? Donate the furniture you won’t need at your new place. You’ll save money and help someone in need! (Photo by English: Pete Souza, chief White House photographerFrançais : Pete Souza, photographe en chef de la Maison Blanche (The Official White House Photostream) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Donate your Furniture to Boomerang’s

Boomerang’s has locations in Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, and the South End. It’s a great organization that uses profits from re-selling things like clothes, books, and furniture to help people living with AIDs in the Boston area. Boomerang’s will even come pick up your furniture, so long as it’s in good condition, if you fill out their simple scheduling form. (Please note that Boomerang’s, like many places, does not accept mattresses. But it’s a great place to donate old clothes, and all donations are fully tax-deductible.)

Donate your Furniture to Household Goods

You can also donate your furniture to Acton-based Household Goods. It’s a local service that provides household goods and furnishings for people transitioning out of homelessness or fleeing dangerous situations. Naturally, like all donation centers, they’ll want your items to be in saleable condition. What’s great about Household Goods is that they, unlike most donation centers, will accept used mattresses and sleeper sofas, so long as they are in good enough condition.

Donate your Furniture to Mass Coalition for the Homeless

The Mass Coalition for the Homeless, located in Lynn, is a great place to donate your furniture if you live north of the city. This great organization furnishes homes for people transitioning out of homelessness. Like Household Goods, they will take beds if they’re in good enough condition. Check their website to arrange a pick-up of your furniture before your move.

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