How Much Do Movers Make?

How Much Do Movers Make? Well, that depends.

In the Boston area, how much a mover can make really depends on the company and what its priorities are. Are you looking to become a mover? Interested in knowing how much movers make? Here are a few ways to maximize your earning potential:

1. Read customer reviews!

When thinking of a potential employer, it’s good to keep in mind a quote attributed to humorist Dave Barry: “If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, they are not a nice person.”

The same applies to moving companies. If you see a bunch of reviews from customers who have been treated poorly, nickel-and-dimed with hidden charges, or had poorly skilled movers break their items on a move, you’re seeing not only a reflection of how that company’s management team views customers, but how it views people in general.

A company that up-charges its customers with surprise fees and is unresponsive through the booking process is probably a company that charges its employees for company shirts or is unresponsive when asked to reimburse drivers for putting gas in the truck.

Good treatment customers is a good sign for the same treatment of employees.

2. Sell Yourself, not Your Skills

Moving is a difficult job. You need to lift heavy objects through narrow stairwells and then do it again. You need to drive large trucks through busy city streets and parallel park while the neighbors watch. And you need to do it with a smile. But, let’s be honest, it’s not rocket science.

In fact, that “with a smile” part is probably the most important part of the job. More than anything, it’s a customer service job. The best moving companies know that you can teach anyone with a good work ethic how to be a mover or drive a big truck. Teaching basic human decency is another issue entirely. Same with showing up.

So while you need to be physically capable of doing the job (and have a valid driver’s license), someone with years of experience isn’t necessarily a better candidate than somebody who is personable, outgoing, and willing to learn.

3. Call Safe Responsible Movers

If this sounds like you, give us a call. We can’t guarantee it’ll always work out, but we take applications on a rolling basis. We strongly believe, in all aspects of this business, the cheapest answer isn’t always the best answer. That applies to hiring as well.

Many moving companies try to utilize the transient nature of the work and the varying hours to keep wages low. To us, this is more of a headache than anything else. You get workers with lesser skills, less incentive to improve those skills, and ultimately less investment in keeping your customers happy enough to return for their next move.

Paying someone ten bucks an hour might seem like a great way to keep costs down at first. But when that worker breaks a customer’s antique dresser, generates negative reviews, and decides not to show up one day, the savings sure won’t seem worth it.

Remember, people let trust not with their most valuable possessions, but all of their possessions. They are inviting us into their homes. So nothing – not strength, not endurance, not how fast you can run stairs – nothing is more important than character and personality when it comes to being a mover. If you keep that in mind, you’ll be sure to find a company ready to pay to keep you around. (And the tips aren’t bad, either!)

Interested in becoming a mover? Email us: info (at) saferesponsiblemovers (dot) com.

4. Conclusions

So, finally, how much do movers make?

If you’re just looking enough cash to leave town after your latest crime spree, look for companies with the worst reviews — the business plan at the low end of this industry is basically, “charge as much and pay as little as possible.” You won’t make much more than minimum wage, but it’ll be an easy job to get.

If you’re looking for something with more stability, whether you’re a college student looking to maximize your summer income or you’re looking to transition from a 9-to-5 to a job with more flexibility (without sacrificing pay), you can get pretty close to $20/hour with some of the better-reviewed companies.


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