How to Pack Books for a Move

Secrets from the Book of Moving: How to Pack Books

So you’re looking to know how to pack books for your move? It’s actually pretty simple. Of course, the smallest-sized Uhaul boxes are called “book boxes” for a reason. Liquor boxes or the smaller Home Depot boxes are also great options. You can check out our resources page for other ideas. (Please note that we do not stock or sell boxes. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in your quote, we do not provide packing services.)

How to pack books and how NOT to pack books

Here’s an example of how NOT to pack your books. (Photo by Safe Responsible Movers)

When packing anything, but especially books, all of your boxes should be taped shut, on top and bottom, to ensure their stability. Folding the box-flaps into themselves doesn’t work!

If you pack heavy items like books into the box with folded, untaped flaps, the weight of the books will push the bottom flaps out and the contents will fall out. You’ll ruin the box and quite possibly your stuff in the process. (And your movers won’t know just by looking at a box if the bottom is taped or folded.) Put simply, folding boxes without taping them is not how to pack books.

Other Things Not to Do

So you’re looking to consolidate in as few containers as possible? Stop, breathe, and think first. Maybe it’s counter-intuitive, but you should never use large bins or boxes to pack heavy items like books, CD’s, records, or files. Perhaps you think you’re being efficient by packing everything in a single container, but often that container will require two movers to get it into and out of the truck. Smaller boxes mean easier trips for each mover, and a more efficient move.

Also, under no circumstances should you leave books, breakables, or other heavy items inside dressers, packed in grocery or trash bags, or packed in luggage. This may seem self-explanatory. But trust us. We’ve seen it all. Trash bags should be used for clothes and linens only.

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