Make an Eco-Friendly Move with Our New Horse-Drawn Moving Fleet

You asked and we listened! Due to overwhelming demand (and an obvious market inefficiency), Safe Responsible Movers has decided to offer moves via Horse-Drawn Carriages. The benefits of this new service include reducing our carbon footprint, providing new and exciting employment opportunities, and offering our higher-end customers the kind of unique and bespoke residential moving experiences other companies simply can’t match.

After viewing plots all over the Bay State, we bought a farm in Sudbury, one of our favorite towns in Greater Boston. Clock Hutchinson Stables will serve as both home and office for the newest four-legged additions to our team of hardworking movers!

Angus, a Scottish-born clydesdale is also a part-time drummer for local “math rock” band Taking Back April. And B.U. Medical Student L’il Thunderstorm, a Missouri Fox Trotter, has seen a game at every American League ballpark in the country! Lastly, Baron von Secretariat Moorehouse III, heir the Elmer’s Glue fortune, has been featured in GQ on three separate occasions and is pictured below.

Baron von Secretariat Moorhouse III is now Safe Responsible’s highest-paid employee. Photo via Sandy Horvath-Dori from Grand Junction, CO, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking to move in the greenest, classiest, and most expensive way possible, a horse-drawn move is the way to go! Not only will pictures from your special day last a lifetime, you will avoid the need of acquiring a moving permit from the city of Boston. So that’s one less headache, for sure. (Though other permits may be required.)

Please note that for all horse-drawn moves, it will be the customer’s responsibility to have at least 40 pounds of fresh, unpeeled carrots all both locations of the move. No exceptions. Without proper produce, we will be unable to perform the move.

Two typical residential movers with their crew leader and moving vehicle. Copyright: via Vickusin at the English-language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Featured Photo: Henri Julien, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons