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Safe Responsible -- for your moving needs anywhere and everywhere in MA.

We can move your stuff anywhere in Massachusetts!

Our Service Area: All of Massachusetts

From Natick to the North End, Westwood to Wellesley, from Springfield to Cape Cod, our Boston movers can move you anywhere and everywhere within the Bay State. If you’re planning to move to or from any or all of the Commonwealth’s 296 towns and 55 cities, we’d be happy to move you.

As one of the best moving companies in Massachusetts we generally perform three types of moves:

1. The Old Move-Out/Move-In – Get a Quote Now!

(This is the most common type of move)

Like most of our customers, you’re moving from one Massachusetts town to another. Great! Whether you’re relocating your entire residence, your small office, or just moving a single piece of particularly unweildy furniture, it doesn’t matter. This move is the specialty of our Massachusetts moving company, and while we’re located in Allston, we will travel anywhere in the state to accommodate your move. As one of the highest rated movers in the state, we have the experience necessary to perform your move safely and responsibly Request a moving quote now and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

2. The Big Rearrangement

(Moves within the same building, other moves that don’t require the loading or unloading of a truck)

You have some big furniture items in your kitchen or living room. The flooring company is starting work next week and you need to clear out the rooms.  Contact the experts for a quote on taking your furniture into the garage or your basement for temporary storage. Or maybe you are moving to a new apartment, but it’s within the same building as your current place. Our MA moving company is happy to give you an estimate for that, too, just as long as the building is in Massachusetts.

Safe Responsible Movers operates anywhere and everywhere within Massachusetts.

Are you moving to or from anywhere in this picture? If so, we can help!

3. The Cross-Country Journey (with furniture!)

You’re moving out of Massachusetts. Maybe the bright lights of Hollywood are calling, or you just took a job with the family business. Whatever the reason, we can help. While we do not perform full-service interstate moves (if that’s what you’re looking for, we recommend Pony Express), oftentimes the most cost-efficient interstate move is one you handle yourself.

You can do this by renting your own truck, or renting and shipping a U-Pack trailer or POD. Then our expert movers load the container here. When you get to your destination state, you’ll hire a different local moving company in your destination state. Alternatively, we can help you unload your truck or container if you’re coming to Massachusetts from out-of-state.

If you’re having our Massachusetts movers help you load a truck that another company will unload, make sure you get plenty of blankets and cargo-securing materials before the movers arrive.

Of course, if all of your move takes place outside of the state, we can’t help you. But you can tell your friends about us!