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One of Boston’s most iconic neighborhoods, Dorchester is emblematic of the city’s architecture. The neighborhood just south of downtown Boston sports many “three-decker” homes which are so common in Eastern Massachusetts. While Dorchester’s streets may not be as narrow as the North End, they can be tricky and are not always intuitively laid out. Dorchester certainly doesn’t have the simple grid that Back Bay has. But the historic Boston neighborhood certainly has its charms. If you’re moving in Dorchester, it’s a good idea to hire a Dorchester Residential Moving Company.

Dorchester Residential Moving Company

Uphams Corner, one of many areas within Boston’s largest neighborhood, is the main business district of Dorchester. (Photo by User:Magicpiano [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

Dorchester Moving Permits

Like any neighborhood in Boston, moving in Dorchester is easier with permits. (This is especially true in the winter!) If you a hire your movers only to have them show up with no place to park the truck, you could be for a long (and expensive) day. That’s why we always recommend getting Dorchester Moving Permits from Boston City Hall. Any moving company can do it for you upon request, but it’s always cheaper to do it yourself. (Just make sure you give yourself enough time!)

Dorchester Transit Options

With an area of six square miles, Dorchester is Boston’s largest neighborhood by far. Bordering the Boston neighborhoods of Mattapan, Roxbury, and South Boston, as well as the cities of Milton of Quincy, “Dot” is one of the city’s most easily accessible neighborhoods. Dorchester has subway or “T” stops in Fields Corner, Savin Hill, Ashmont and more. In addition, it’s got easy access to Interstate 93. If you’re moving to Dorchester, hire the best Dorchester Resdential Movers today!

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