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With just under 60,000 residents, Greater Boston’s Brookline is the largest town in Massachusetts. The two communities it borders, Boston and Newton, are much bigger but function as cities. Abutting Boston on three and a half sides, the town touches Allston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, and West Roxbury. If you’re moving here, you’ll want to hire a Brookline residential moving company.

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Hiring a Brookline Residential Moving Company? You might need moving permits for the truck!

Brookline Moving Permits

Though Brookline strictly forbids overnight parking, it’s still a good idea to secure moving permits if you’re move has a stop in town. Nestled so close to Boston, Brookline has some very dense neighborhoods that can be difficult for moving trucks if parked cars are lining the streets. Any Brookline residential moving company will be able to secure and post permits for you. But if you want to handle this on your own, you can save a little money on moving day.

Getting and posting moving permits in Brookline is very easy process. Permits are available at Town Hall on Washington Street up to the business day before the move. Depending on how many signs you need and whether or not you’re blocking off parking meters, the cost for moving permits should be between $10 and $40. (A Brookline residential moving company will charge you an extra fee if you want them to pick up and hang the permits for you.)

Once you have the permits, you just need to post them after 6:00 p.m. on the night before the move. With the permits and the overnight parking restrictions, this should be enough to reserve the space you need for a moving truck. But someone ignores the signs and parks anyway, you can always call the cops to get the cars towed. You can read more about getting permits here.

Brookline Residential Moving Company - Brookline, Massachusetts

Brookline Village is one of many neighborhoods in town with MBTA access. (Photo by Ddogas [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons)

Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village, Chestnut Hill

Like Boston, Brookline is a town of neighborhoods. From Brookline Hills to Cleveland Circle to Washington Square, Brookline offers both the convenience of a a dense urban layout as well as more spread-out suburban areas. Coolidge Corner, accessible via the MBTA’s Green Line train, is one of the more popular neighborhoods. With its iconic movie theater and bookstore,  as well as many restaurants and bars, Coolidge Corner is a great spot for a date or just doing some window shopping.

Chestnut Hill, on the other hand, is a little further out from the center of town. But it’s one of the more interesting neighborhoods in the Boston area. Home to Boston College, Chestnut Hill is a village that sits in three different Massachusetts cities: Brookline, Boston, and Newtown.

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Featured Photo by John Phelan [CC BY 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons