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The densest city in New England, Somerville is home to almost 80,000 residents. It has a convenient location with easy public transit options as well as easy access to Interstate 93.  And its comparative affordability makes it a particularly attractive place to live for many Massachusetts residents. In fact, only a few years ago, the Boston Globe called Somerville the “best-run” city in all of Massachusetts. A few years after that, the hyperlocal magazine Scout Somerville nominated us as the best Somerville residential moving company. So we’re quite familiar (and fond of) the city just north of Boston.

From Broadway’s burgeoning Winter Hill neighborhood, to the more densely packed Union Square, we’ve moved hundreds of residents into and out of Somerville. Maybe you finally finished your degree at Tufts University or you’ve decided to move to Davis Square. Whatever your needs, Safe Responsible is the Somerville residential moving company that tackle any move you need us for.

Somerville Residential Moving Company

You might not need Somerville moving permits if you’re moving to Assembly Square, but you will need to be sure to reserve your building’s elevator and loading dock ahead of the move. (Photo by User:Magicpiano [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons)

Assembly Square

One of Somerville’s newest neighborhoods, Assembly Square is also one the city’s fastest-growing areas. Home to many popular restaurants, bars, office space, and prominent retail establishments, the development just north of Charlestown is one of the few neighborhoods in Somerville that almost never requires a moving permit. This is because Assembly’s residential units generally have both loading dock and elevator access. But that doesn’t mean that moving into an elevator building doesn’t present any issues.

On the contrary, when moving into a large living complex like Assembly Square, it’s important to reserve the elevator as well as the loading dock for your move-in or move-out day. Additionally, some buildings will require the movers to provide proof of insurance or have other specific requirements that your Somerville residential moving company will need to know ahead of time.

Elevators and Loading Docks can pose as many problems as solutions

Just because there’s an elevator involved doesn’t make the job any quicker. In fact, elevators often have quite the opposite effect. For example, if your unit is a long distance from the elevator, you could be in for a very long moving day. Even if you don’t have all that much stuff. Think about it: let’s say your movers need to walk 200 feet in each direction for each trip. And they need to make 40 trips to bring all your items downstairs. That’s over 3 miles of walking!

Of course, movers tend to be in pretty decent physical shape, you might argue. You’re correct, but walking while carrying a mattress or carting a stack of boxes will slow anyone down. So it’s important to notify your movers of any potential long walks or tricky loading issues well ahead of your move date. (This is especially important regarding the walk from the loading dock to the elevator — as many residents are less familiar with this route than their daily walk from their unit.)

Somerville Moving Permits - Somerville Residential Moving Company

On certain streets, you’ll need Somerville Moving Permits, which are easy to get from the Somerville Traffic Department in Davis Square. Or you can just have us to do it for you!

Somerville Moving Permits

If you need to park a moving truck on a busy street like Broadway or Somerville Avenue, you’ll need to get a permit from the city of Somerville. The same applies to the tighter roads outside of Union Square. Luckily, this is a fairly easy process. You can get moving permits via mail. Or you can simply go in person to the Somerville Traffic Department, just outside of Davis Square. You can also have your reputable Somerville residential moving company post them for you. But remember, that will be a little more expensive than getting them on your own. If you want your moving company to put up the signs on your behalf, let them know during the booking process.

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Featured Photo by Myersj [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons