Movers for Hire – Discount Codes!

Movers for Hire! Use this discount for Boston’s Top-Rated Moving Company!

We are Safe Responsible Movers and we are Movers for Hire! We are based in Boston, MA, but serve all of Massachusetts, from Springfield to Falmouth, from Wellesley to Westwood and everywhere in between.

We’re in the heart of the Massachusetts winter, which can create some obvious issues for moving furniture and other large items. But it’s also the slowest time of the year for most moving companies, so we’re offering a discount.

How does it Work?

It’s pretty simple, really. Fill out the moving quote request form. Then, when you get to the “extra details” box, which is the last text box in the form, you can write in the discount code. In honor of the harsh New England Winter, the code is NEWINTER17.

Here’s a screen-cap of where it goes:

Movers for Hire - Use this Discount code for a cheap move!

When filling out the form, write the code, “NEWINTER17” in the “extra details” box. (Of course, don’t forget any other extra details as well!) Source:


The moving discount code is only good for moves occurring on or before Monday, March 20th, 2017. That’s right. You need to move on the first day of Spring or earlier. But if you book your move with this code for any move before then, you’ll get a ten percent discount. (And it applies to the total bill for your move, including the travel fee and any parking permit costs.)

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Of course, remember to use discount code NEWINTER17 in the field marked “extra details” at the bottom of the form. As long as you do that, we’ll apply a ten percent discount to your total bill. Moving in the winter can be difficult, but it’s also the cheapest time to move. Since most leases in Boston are based around September 1st, if you can make a winter move work, you can really save some money on your move.

Get a quote today! Click here and fill out our form to receive a quote. Write “NEWINTER17” in the “extra details” box to get a 10 percent discount off your move.