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For Both Residents and and their Movers Roslindale is a great destination

If you ask us at Safe Responsible Movers Roslindale, MA has seen a considerable increase in clients moving to Roslindale. This is especially true for young families and mid-career professionals. It’s been a pleasure for our moving company to serve our clients there, and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.

Annexed by the city of Boston in 1873, Roslindale is has become one of Boston’s fastest-growing communities. Famous menswear designer Joseph Abboud, visual artist Martha Cahoon, and Futurama voice actor Billy West all hail from the residential neighborhood in Boston’s southwest corner. So it’s no surprise that the growing neighborhood is home to a growing arts scene.

In fact, the neighborhood’s Arts Alliance even puts on an annual “Porchfest,” a late summer music and arts festival taking place outside private residences throughout the neighborhood. (It is very much in the style of Boston’s northern neighbor to north, Somerville.)

Homes in Roslindale affordable, but steadily increasing in value

With an average value of $457,200, homes in Roslindale are less expensive than they are in the rest of Boston. That value, however, has increased 8.1% over the past year and the real estate website Zillow expects the rise to continue.

Older single family homes and duplexes abound in the western part of the neighborhood, near the border with West Roxbury. The northern part of neighborhood, closer to Jamaica Plain, has a much denser construction pattern. That’s where you’ll find the larger apartment buildings and tightly packed three-family homes. But whether you’re moving to a large single family house near the Arboretum, or to a small apartment close to Stony Brook, staircases and elevators can be very tight. That’s why we always recommend opting for a split box spring whenever possible. (You can save even more time and money on your move if you decide to take your bed apart before the movers show up.)

If you’re looking to move to Roslindale, our Massachusetts moving company recommend reaching out to Kris MacDonald of Insight Realty. We’ve worked with him before and he’s always got a great selection of homes, condos, and apartment rentals in the area.

Movers Roslindale - The Boston neighborhood of Roslindale was originally what was known as a "streetcar suburb."

Roslindale’s growth was spurred by the construction of New England’s streetcar system following the American Civil War. (Photo by Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

One of the original “street car suburbs”

Roslindale originally became a dense commercial and residential area in the years immediately following the Civil War, when the Boston & Providence Railroad was built. The new transit services allowed people who worked closer to Boston’s urban center to live further from the city, where rents and home prices were lower. With a smaller share of these workers’ income spent on housing, residents began to enjoy a modest amount of disposable income. Seeing a clear opportunity, retail stores started popping up all over the area known as Roslindale Square, which flourished for decades.

While the Square’s shopping district had a serious decline from the 1970’s to 1990’s, it is now one of Boston’s fastest growing commercial areas.

What to Do in Roslindale

In the heart of Roslindale Village, you can now find great restaurants such as Sophia’s Grotto, Birch Street Bistro, and Delfino Restaurant. Sophia’s serves great Mediterranean food in an open-air or “al fresco” courtyard. Birch Street Bistro’s chef Marcelo de Oliveira has been serving up delicious and elegant dishes since 2003. The restaurant is also quite reasonably priced, considering the intimate brick-wall ambiance and the excellent service. And Delfino is known for fantastic Italian comfort food served in a casual and welcoming atmosphere on South Street.

Looking for something a little further under the radar? Try the little-known Bay State Model Railroad Museum on South Street. It’s definitely a hidden gem. The museum began as a small social club in 1968. Today it features one of New England’s largest collections of model train displays.

And of course on Roslindale’s northern edge is Harvard University’s world-famous Arnold Arboretum. Designed by landscape architect and mastermind of Manhattan’s Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead, the 281-acre Arboretum sports over 4,000 different kinds of trees, shrubs, and vines. It’s a fantastic way to get back to nature — and you only have to walk a few blocks to get there!

Roslindale's Anrold Arboretum is a beautiful escape within Boston's urban neighborhoods.

Boston’s Roslindale is home to the beautiful Arnold Arboretum. (Photo by Daderot at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

More than Movers Roslindale Moving Services & Resources

We have a few guides to getting supplies and helpful services ahead of your move. However, if you’re looking to find services closer to Roslindale, here are some great local options:

Truck Rental:

Budget Truck Rental22 Centre St.Roxbury, MA 02119(617) 427-02119

Ice Box/Penske Truck Rental3890 Washington St.Roslindale, MA 02131(617) 327-7623

Storage and Moving Supplies: 

Self Storage44 Lochdale Rd.,Roslindale, MA 02131(617) 983-2100

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