Turn your Gift Boxes into Moving Boxes

If you’re moving soon, you can double your gifts by saving your boxes!

The Holidays are upon us! Office parties, family gatherings, and Amazon purchases can mean many different things to different people — stress, small talk, Christmas cookies — but if you have move coming up, we recommend you keep your on the prize: Moving Boxes! Lots and lots of moving boxes.

If you’re moving yourself, procuring boxes can be an annoying and expensive item on your moving checklist. If you’re hiring a moving company, you can save plenty of time and money by packing ahead of time. Either way, whenever a package arrives this winter, keep the box! When you’re strolling through Home Depot wondering how so little cardboard can cost so much, you’ll be glad you did. (Especially if you’re moving during the extra-stressful winter months.)

moving boxes - Boston movers
Christmas gifts or moving boxes? To the cost-conscience, they’re both! (Photo by Kelvin Kay, en:user:kkmd [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

And besides — if your aunt sends you a sweater that you immediately know you’ll be donating, at least you got the box! Or maybe you’re not sure what to get for someone on your list. Well, remember that if they’re buying a new house, the moving box is pretty helpful on its own. (Of course, a moving company gift certificate is a great idea, too.)

With all the stress of moving, traveling the Massachusetts winter (on Massachusetts roads with Massachusetts drivers), and the extra demands of the season, we thought we’d share this money-saving tip.

Happy Holidays!

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Featured Photo by Thomas Cook [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons