Don’t Touch That Dial! Why You Should Keep the Heat Off for Your Move

Why Turning the Heat Up for Your Movers can be a Cold Move

We’ve written before about moving in the winter, but we left out the season’s most obvious attribute: it’s really cold, especially in Massachusetts. So let’s say you’re a very conscientious customer. Prior to booking, you’ve packed up your smaller belongings, reserved your elevators, and kept in touch about any changes to your inventory. And on the day of the move, as soon as they movers show up, you’re nice enough to show your movers where the bathroom is, and where they can fill up their empty water bottles. You’re doing great! You truly are a wonderful customer, having set the tone for an efficient and pleasant move.

But what if it’s only twenty degrees outside? You’ll want to make sure that your apartment or house is as warm as possible so the movers don’t freeze, right?


Moving in cold weather? Turn the thermostat down!

Moving in Cold Weather? Turn the thermostat down! (Photo by Vincent de Groot – (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons)

Keep the Heat off When Moving in Cold Weather

While we appreciate the thought here, it’s best to simply leave the heat off. We’re going to be coming in and out of your home over and over again, and it’s much better for us to keep moving in a relatively constant temperature. Moving from hot to cold to hot to cold can be very uncomfortable. Adding that kind of shock to your body’s natural regulators is especially taxing during intense physical activity like moving.

When we prepare for a move on a cold day, we know what to expect and dress in layers. If it’s actually so cold that we can’t safely work, we’ll let you know and reschedule the move. Moving from the freezing Boston weather into a toasty third-floor apartment over a hundred times in an hour can tire us out needlessly, thereby making your move take longer than it should.

So remember — we appreciate the opportunity to work for you in your home (both your old one and your new one), but think twice before blasting the heat for us.

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