Some Like Hot: Why Your A/C Creates Poor Moving Conditions

Ready to Blast the A.C. for your Movers? Not so Fast . . .

We’ve written before why it’s not always a great idea to blast the heat for your movers in the wintertime. May is now upon us. So we figure we might as well add that the inverse is true, as well — when moving in the summer, you may think that cranking up the air conditioning would help the movers stay comfortable. But that’s not really the case.

Keep the Air Condition off When Moving in the Summer

While we appreciate the thought here, it’s generally best to leave it off. We’re going to be coming in and out of your home over and over again. And it’s much better for us to keep moving in a relatively constant temperature. Moving from hot to cold to hot to cold can be very uncomfortable. Adding that kind of shock to your body’s natural regulators is especially taxing during intense physical activity like moving.

When we prepare for a move on a hot summer day, we know what to expect and dress appropriately. If it’s actually so hot that we can’t safely work, we’ll let you know and reschedule the move. Moving from the humid Boston summer weather into an icy third-floor apartment over a hundred times in an hour can tire us out needlessly, thereby making your move take longer than it should.

Additionally, if you’re able to unplug and drain the air conditioner prior to our arrival, we greatly appreciate it. If you keep it running during the move and then ask us to take it at the end, we’ll unplug it and will likely be soaked (as will some of your other belongings) by water leaking from the unit.

While we appreciate the opportunity to work in your home, it’s probably best to keep the interior climate similar to the exterior.

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Featured image by Paul Robinson (New Image) [LGPL, GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons