Give the Gift of Moving! (A Moving Company Gift Certificate!)

A Moving Company Gift Certificate makes a great Holiday present for anyone on your list!

Haven’t gotten all your Christmas shopping done? Is someone on your list moving soon? Maybe you know some newlyweds who are looking to buy a home in the suburbs. Or a college student bouncing between BU dorms and Fenway apartments. Even an older person looking downsize would appreciate a Moving Company Gift Certificate to use with Boston’s Best Movers!

Giving someone a whole move, of course, is not a practical gift. You don’t know someone else’s schedule. And you also can’t tell the moving company everything they need to know to schedule a move — a full list of furniture items, the details on the stairs or elevator at each location, etc.

But what you can do is take much of the stress out of picking a moving company by giving a certificate redeemable with the best-reviewed moving company in Greater Boston! (As long as your intended recipient is moving within Massachusetts — we do not perform interstate moves.)

A Moving Company Gift Certificate makes a Great present!
To get gift certificate for SRM, just go to our Yelp page! The process takes less than a minute!

To give the gift of moving with SRM, simply go to our Yelp page and fill out the details. Gift Certificates are available in units of $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 and $150.

Your payment goes directly to Yelp and your lucky recipient will get an email with a code they can use like cash on moving day! The best part — it never expires! (Of course, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have availability for when your friend needs to move. So if you know someone who needs to move in less than a week — or around September 1st — we would urge caution. But the certificate is valid as long as we can accommodate the move.)

If you’re the one moving soon, a moving gift certificate is a great way to save up for the big day!

Our policy is that your bill is due in full at the end of your move, in either cash or a check made out to “Safe Responsible Movers.” However, if you really want to pay with a card, a gift certificate is the way to go! You can pay Yelp for the certificate, and then on the day of the move, the amount of credit you purchased works as cash. How easy is that?

It’s a great way to avoid using cash. It’s also a simple way to save up over the course of a few weeks while you’re organizing the move. Either for yourself or for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with a Moving Company Gift Card!

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