Quiz Time: Movers in Pop Culture!

Eight Trivia Questions on Movers throughout Film, Literature, Sports, and TV

Moving isn’t for everyone. To be a mover is to have levels of strength, finesse, and patience not often found in mortal men. So it’s only natural that so many of our heroes for the worlds of film, fiction, and athletics have spent time “on the truck,” as the kids say. (The kids don’t actually say that, as far as we know — but movers do.)

Also, movers and moving companies have been referenced in pop culture many times.

So here’s a little test of your moving and pop culture knowledge. Eight simple questions. Eight correct answers. Good luck!

1. What prominent author and humorist grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and later worked as a mover for a small New York City company?

2. The 1994 Seinfeld episode, "The Couch," ends with Elaine hiring Carl, her recent ex-boyfriend, to return Jerry's old couch. During the move, she offers Carl a drink by throwing it towards him. Naturally, the bottle breaks and the drink ruins the couch. What was the drink?

3. Which comedian starred alongside Dana Carvey, Rodney Dangerfield, and Randy Quaid in a 1980's film about a cross-country move? (Hint: the movie also featured wrestler King Kong Bundy as one of the movers, and it was the feature film debut of Clueless actress Stacey Dash.)

4. What professional athlete worked for his father's Pittsburgh-area moving company during the off-season (and also during times when the mercurial player would leave the team after disagreements with ownership)?

5. What longtime actor on The Office wrote about his experience running a moving company in his 2015 autobiography?

6. What iconic Star Wars actor provided the voice for the mover on the first Halloween special of The Simpsons?

7. In "Homer the Smithers," Homer briefly becomes Mr. Burns's personal assistant after Waylon Smithers is fired. What is the name of the moving company for which Mr. Smithers works during his time away from the Nuclear Plant?

8. What animated show portraying two scrawny brothers who incompetently run a moving company aired on Fox and FXX from 2013 through 2015?

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