What We Do

Moving Services - Safe Responsible Movers moving a couch down a Somerville stairwell

Moving Services: Staircases and couches have been enemies since the dawn of time. Our geometric mediation skills transcend the laws of nature.

Safe Responsible Moving Services: What We Do

Some Boston movers will tell you about their fitness regimen, their diet, or how this going to be great material for a novel someday.

Not us.

Moving Services - Moving a dresser, safely and responsibly

We’re also great at moving dressers!

We just move your stuff. In fact, we move anything and everything (well, most things – check out our Frequently Asked Questions or our List of Stuff Movers won’t Take if you’re wondering) anywhere and everywhere (within Massachusetts).

That’s right. Whatever you got — beds, books, benches — we’ll pick it up. Then we’ll put in our truck. Then we’ll move it into your new home. Sounds easy, right? Well, moving in Massachusetts is not always so simple.

Why Do We Move the Way We Do?

We do it for the love of the game. We get an up-close look at the unique interior architecture of New England, the thrill of navigating a giant truck through the North End‘s narrow streets or a box spring through a Roslindale duplex and up to its fifth-floor window, the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when we can say to each other, “look at all that stuff . . . it used to be somewhere else; now it’s all right here.”

Moving Services: Parking Permits

Also, we offer moving permit services. This service is available in Boston, Brookline, and Somerville. We don’t offer this service in Cambridge. This is because the City of Cambridge will post permits for you after you apply online.

What We Don’t Do

Because of legal and other restrictions, there are certain items we can’t take (here’s our list of items movers can’t take). Also, we do not offer snow removal services. If you’re moving between November and March, please consult our guide to moving the winter.

Think you can do it, too? Let us know!

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