Parking Permits

Parking Permits for Moving in Somerville, Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge, MA

Looking for moving permits or parking permits for your move? Use our guides below to get them yourself or have us acquire and post the permits for you!

Parking Permits for Moving Trucks

If you’re looking for moving permits or parking permits for your upcoming move, you’ve come to right place. As a Boston-based moving company, we offer permit acquisition services in Boston, Brookline, and Somerville. However, we do not offer this service in Cambridge. That’s because the City of Cambridge will hang moving permits for you if you apply for them online.

When confirming your move via email, simply request that we acquire and post moving permits for you. The charge will be added to your final bill, so there’s no upfront cost. We charge $75 for a single permit location, $125 for two locations, and $150 for three or more locations. These charges pay for us to acquire and post the parking permits for you. They are in addition to the cost each city charges for the actual permits. Of course, the charges for the moving permits vary by city.

Do I need Moving Permits?

If you live on a wide, quiet street . . . probably not. But in many neighborhoods with tight streets, like Jamaica Plain or the North End, reserving a permit for your moving truck is often necessary. Additionally, it can shave hours off the move and end up saving you money.

Looking to save some money by grabbing and posting the permits yourself? That’s Great! Because we offer four easy guides for getting moving permits in the Greater Boston Area.

Moving Permits by City:

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