Safe Responsible on NBC 10 segment on Storrow Drive!

Local man Chris Amaral, owner of Safe Responsible Movers, recently made his local news debut! On Tuesday night, NBC Boston ran a segment about an unfortunate truck that got stuck on Storrow Drive. When reporter Eli Rosenberg was looking for a local expert to comment on how local moving companies avoid such mishaps, he reached out to us! (Just like WGBH did a few months ago!)

In the video, Amaral explains to Rosenburg how Safe Responsible Movers ensures our drivers know Boston roads as much as possible. And the most important thing to know, of course, is to never take a moving truck on Storrow Drive!

(Of course, there are other roads in the area that also restrict truck access. You can usually tell by their name. If a thoroughfare ends in “Drive” or “Parkway,” you probably shouldn’t take trucks on it. But Storrow Drive is the most famous of them — after all, you don’t see many articles on “Memorial Driving” or “Jamaicway-ing.” “Storrowing” just has a better ring to it. Quite literally.)

Watch the video below:

If you can’t watch the video, here is the relevant exchange between NBC and Amaral from their website:

“Storrow Drive, for us is something to be avoided at all costs,” Chris Amaral, who runs Safe Responsible Movers, said Tuesday. “I am just amazed how often it happens because clearly there is a sign right there, that says ‘Cars only.'”

Amaral says his company works with new drivers to educate them about the dangers of driving on roads like Storrow.

“We will share pictures of Storrowing incidents, because it is one thing to tell someone it is bad to crash a truck into a bridge, people get that, but when you see a picture of a truck with its roof peeled off and someone’s belongings scattered on the roadside, it makes an impression,” he said.

Whether you’re moving yourself or your hiring movers, you always want to know the height restrictions of your vehicle. Get a quote for a move with Safe Responsible Movers today!

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