What’s a Travel Fee?

Wondering why we charge a Travel Fee?

In addition to the hourly rate, we charge a flat travel fee. This fee covers the time spent and gas used to getting to the first location of the job from our Boston office, and getting back to our office once we’ve completed the job to your satisfaction.

Some movers charge “lot-to-lot,” meaning they begin their labor clock upon leaving their office and stop upon returning. So, if they hit traffic on the way to you, this could result in unexpected added time/costs to your bill. (Also in this scenario, the labor clock starts running before the movers arrive, so you can’t know if you’re being charged accurately or not.)

We never do this. With our flat fee, you know exactly what you’re being charged for – it’s the cost for us to send you movers, a truck, and all the supplies necessary to complete your move. The hourly rate clock covers the move itself.

Two movers get ready to take Safe Responsible Truck to a job - Boston, MA

A two-man crew gets ready to head out to the first job of the day. Their trip to the job is covered by our travel fee.

Our travel fee is always a flat fee, and never a surprise. (To think of it another way, this flat travel fee covers the time and gas used when the truck is empty, when we are traveling to or from your job. When the truck has your items inside of it, that drive time is on the hourly labor clock. Or, if you like pizza: the move, which is charged hourly, is the pizza itself and the “flat travel fee” is like the delivery fee.)

What the Travel Fee doesn’t Cover

Please note that the travel fee DOES NOT cover time spent traveling between your loading and unloading locations. The flat travel fee only covers gas and labor prior to beginning your move and after completing your move.

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