Do I Need Boston Moving Permits? The Boston Globe Thinks you do

Boston Globe: Moving Permits are necessary when moving in the city

Boston Globe writer Tim Logan has a new article about moving permits as part of the newspaper’s “Help Desk”  series. In it, he notes that Boston moving permits are an absolute must if you’re moving in the city.

At least that’s according to the experts. And, appropriately, the group of experts Logan cites includes Safe Responsible Movers owner Chris Amaral. From the article:

“If you don’t have the permits, it makes moving day a lot more complicated than it needs to be,” said Chris Amaral, owner of Safe Responsible Movers in Allston. “We really recommend getting them.”

It’s a simple recommendation, but it’s also true.

Besides, we really wanted to let people know that we’re in the paper, as we are one of the few moving companies in Boston to offer permit services in Somerville, Boston, and Brookline. We do not offer this service in Cambridge. That’s because the city of Cambridge will post the permits for you if you request them (and pay for them) online.

While we do offer permitting services, we only get moving permits for moves we’ll be doing. (For example, we’re not going to make a trip down to City Hall to post a permit for your pod or a truck you’re going to load yourself.)

Need Boston Moving Permits? Have your Movers get them for you!

The fee we charge is $75 for a single location, $125 for two locations, and $150 for three or more (for a same-day move). These fees are for us to get them and post them. Whatever the city charges (between $69 and $109 in Boston, between $10 and $40 in Brookline) is separate. So, for example, if you want us to post permits for you at a single, non-metered, location in Boston, $144 would be added to your bill ($69 for the city charge + $75 for us to post it).

Whether you get moving permits yourself or have us do it, you will save time and stress on moving day. Like the Boston Globe says: “Moving is stressful enough without having to find a box-truck-sized parking space on your narrow, crowded, street, or risk hauling your couch and everything else you own across a busy street or off around the corner.”

We couldn’t agree more. You read the whole article here.

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