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Brookline offers residents the comforts of the suburbs with all the convenience of the city

Welcome to Brookline, Massachusetts! If you’re moving here, you’re in good company. Baseball writer and sometime rock star Peter Gammons is from Brookline, and so is television personality and journalist Barbara Walters. And of course John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline at 83 Beals Street in 1917. One common thread – they ( most likely ) hired a Brookline moving company

Any honest Brookline moving company will tell you that moving to (or from) Brookline is not without its difficulties. Unless you have a reserved loading dock for your building, it’s never a bad idea to get a permit for your moving truck, whether you’re renting one on your own or you’re hiring movers.

A good Brookline Moving Company will tell you to ( or help you ) get a moving permit

Luckily for new residents to Brookline, the permits are very easy to get and are only $10 apiece (Compared to $35 in Cambridge, $50 in Somerville, and $69 and up in Boston). You can get them at Town Hall during open hours (8-5 Mon-Thu, 8-12:30 on Fridays) and simply post them on your street the night before your move.

Since Brookline doesn’t allow overnight street parking, the streets should be clear by the time you post them. As long as you’re up early enough to notify the police if somebody ignores your signs, the spot should stay open.

You can read our guide to Brookline permits here or check out the the town’s information page here.

Housing Stock:

Permits are going most helpful near the town’s densest neighborhoods on the Boston border. Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village, Brookline Hills, and other areas close to the MBTA Green Line’s B, C, and D trains. That’s where you’ll find older buildings with tight staircases and narrow windows, so it’s important to make sure that your furniture will fit into your unit. One of the best ways to to ensure all your items make it into your new home is to get a split box spring. Another way to save time and money on moving day is to take your bed apart before your movers arrive.

Longwood Station - Safe Responsible Movers - Brookline Moving Company

Areas near the MBTA’s Green Line (like the “D” Line’s Longwood Station, shown above) are the most densely packed in Brookline. An experienced Brookline Moving Company can help make sure there’s room for the truck to park.By John Phelan (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Of course, some older houses out by the Newton line will also have narrow stairwells, so making your items as compact as possible will help no matter where in Brookline you end up.

In newer buildings like Brook House on Pond Avenue, you’ll want to be sure to reserve your elevator for the day of your move. Elevators can be misleading. They can obviously be a great help in transporting large furniture and boxes. However, using an elevator can sometimes actually take longer than running everything up or down stairs. This happens if it’s a slow or small elevator, or if there’s a long walk involved.  If the elevator isn’t reserved and residents are fighting over it, you can be in for a long move. Here are some tips for maximizing the efficiency of your elevator on the day of your move.


Once you’re all unpacked and settled in, you’ll have some time to explore the town.

Like many areas around Boston, Brookline has its share of intellectual culture. In Coolidge Corner you’ll find the beautiful Coolidge Corner Theater, showing independent, foreign, and long-forgotten classic films and documentaries. (It really is gorgeous inside.) Across the street is Brookline Booksmith, selling new and used books of all genres, as well as locally-made knickknacks and stationery. The bookstore also hosts many author readings and signings throughout the year.

The Coolidge Corner Theater is one of the best movie houses in the Boston Area.

The Coolidge Corner Theater is famous for its excellent and diverse film programming. By Gkullberg (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

A testament to Brookline’s high culture, the town was once home to the founder of American landscape architecture. Originally designed by its namesake, the Frederick Law Olmsted Historical Site (99 Warren Street, Brookline, (617)-566-1689) is maintained by the National Park Service. Olmsted’s creations include Manhattan’s Central Park, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, and Boston’s Arnold Arboretum and Franklin Park. Within Brookline’s town borders he designed the Beacon Street widening as well Olmsted Park.


If you’re looking for places to eat in town, you’ve got plenty of options, so you won’t go hungry. For breakfast you have Martin’s in Brookline Village, Busy Bee Diner on Beacon Street, and Zaftig’s Delicatessen on Harvard Street.

For lunch you can try the excellent pub food at Publick House, Turkish cuisine at Brookline Family Restaurant on Washington Street, or the giant slices at Brookline Spa. Brookline Spa has the best pizza in town, according to this moving company.

The Olmsted Site was once home to the man who designed Boston's Arnold Aboretum.

Once home to the man who designed Boston’s Emerald Necklace, the Olmsted House is one of Brookline’s many historical attractions. By Daderot at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Moving Resources:

For rental trucks, try U-Haul, (370 Boylston Street, Brookline, (617)-731-9940) or Budget Truck Rental (183 Cambridge St, Allston, (617)-497-9940).

For storage facilities, Simply Self Storage (145 N Beacon Street, Brighton, (617)-779-0005), is a good option near St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. There is also Longwood Storage Company (5 Station Street, Brookline, (617)-277-9500) in the Longwood Area. (Fun fact: Longwood Storage once appeared on an episode of Spike TV’s Auction Hunters. Rare items found in the episode include include a whaling harpoon from the nineteenth century, and  a priceless collection of American flags.)

For hardware and tools, Economy True Value (1012 Beacon Street – (617)-277-8811) is an easy resource.

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