Low-Effort Halloween Costume: How to Be a Mover

Halloween is Upon Us! Here’s How to be a Mover

Like everything in 2020, Halloween is going to be a little different this year. Chances are, if you find yourself popular enough to be invited to costume party, it will be a very limited affair of only a few dozen people. Either that or it will be an all-virtual party, which might make it hard to get your whole costume in view all at the same time.

So if only a handful of people will see your costume, and those that do won’t even get a good look, it’s probably not worth it to spend hours hunting through thrift shops to find the right 18th-century style tunic to match your favorite movie character.

Luckily, there’s one costume you can pull of authentically with little to no effort — dress as mover!

Here’s a quick run down of how to be a mover for Halloween:

What You’ll Need

What’s great about this costume is that you won’t need much, and most of you do need is something you can find around the house.


We generally wear the most comfortable (but presentable) clothes we have. So during the summer that means a tee-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. In the winter, you’ll see movers in a hoodie, jeans, maybe a wool hat, and the same sneakers (they’re easier for moving than boots).

Key things to remember: don’t use your best clothes or pants. Movers tend to sweat and run in and out of all kinds of environments. So nobody’s moving a dresser in their Sunday best. Also, while a shirt with a moving company logo is a great touch, it’s not necessary. (We try to wear our company shirts for each move, but the reality of laundry schedules doesn’t always keep up. Clothing with controversial or profane words or slogans, however, are strictly off-limits.)

Props (Optional)

Another great thing about this costume is that it’s light on accessories. We keep our pockets as empty as possible, since holding a dresser on your thigh while your partner adjusts his grip can spell disaster for your new iPhone. So other than a pen for filling out the paperwork at the end of the move, and maybe the key for the truck, you don’t need much. If you want to add a nice touch of a moving box to carry or a ratchet strap, just find the best local spot for moving supplies and voilĂ ! You’re a mover!

how to be a mover for halloween

Enjoy the party and stay safe!

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