How to Support Local Businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Following Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s declaration of a state of emergency in the Commonweath, many businesses, especially smaller local businesses, have shut down temporarily. Of course, even during a statewide shutdown, people still have essential needs. And small local businesses — those most vulnerable to potential long-term damage of mass quarantine — are still in a great position to provide for those needs.

That’s why the City of Boston has posted a constantly-updating list of local businesses on its official website. So if you’re looking for a pharmacist, grocer, electrician or, yes, moving services, you can find a list of Boston-area resources here.

You can even sort the list of open businesses and locally owned franchises. There are tabs for industry, payment method, and what protective measures each firm is taking in this unprecedented time. As a small Boston moving company, we’re thrilled that the city is showing such support!

Families across the state are staying home to stop the spread of coronavirus. But we can still choose to shop locally. So even as demand and revenue decline for businesses across the board, you can check out Boston’s website. That way, you can help your neighbors weather the storm as they help you! (And movers, like plumbers, can’t do much work from home.)

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