How to Move On from the Valentine’s Day Break-up

Moving Out After a Breakup? Time to Call the Movers!

Valentine’s Day isn’t always a happy time for some couples. Research shows that the unofficial holiday is one of the most common times couples to break up or divorce. Speculation as to why that’s the case varies. For newer couples, the holiday and expectations of gifts or a fancy dinner can put unwanted pressure on the relationship. So if calling restaurants for Valentine’s reservations gives you more terror than excitement, statistics show you might just be ready to bail on the relationship altogether.

For more established relationships, holidays can be equally taxing. Maybe it happens in the greeting card aisle, where you’re looking for the perfect message to send your husband of seven years, only to realize none of the cards accurately convey how you feel. Then it hits you. There is no card that says, “I don’t love you anymore.” And that’s when you call the movers.

So if you are one of those unfortunately lonely hearts moving out after a breakup, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Divvy up the Goods

Decide who gets what before the movers show up. Trust us. We’ve stood on stairwell, holding a very heavy dresser, while two normally calm adults screamed at each other about who owned the relatively inexpensive piece of furniture. We’ve also been carefully navigating a couch through a tight doorway while being told, “that’s his . . . you don’t have to be careful with it.” These are unpleasant situations for everyone.

So please, for everyone’s sanity, sort out the belongings of before we arrive. If it’s a particularly contentious separation, this might have to happen without the input of your ex-partner. If that’s the case, we recommend leaving anything in question to your partner. Be the bigger person. (Unless, of course, you’re talking about a large item, like a refrigerator or a washing machine, that costs more to move than to replace — If that’s the case, earn karma points by taking the item with you.)

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Time to Move On? If you’re moving out after a breakup, consider moving on separate days to avoid confusion and stress. Photo via Chrisa Hickey [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Move Separately

So you’re both moving out of your shared place and want to combine the moving costs? Brilliant idea! You know what also saves money? Splitting rent 50/50 in a one-bedroom apartment. The point is, if money was the overriding concern with everything we do, breakups would be much less common than they are.

It’s always best to streamline the process. When you’re newly single, the experts recommend taking some time to focus on yourself. The same applies to moving. Book your own move and let your partner take care of theirs. You’ll be doing a lot of stuff separately now, so you may as well get used to it.

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Irreconcilable Differences? Get a Moving Quote and Move on with your life! Photo by Arantz (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Also, Pay Separately!

This should be self-explanatory if you’re moving in two stages, as recommended. But it bears repeating. When you’re moving out after a breakup, your movers won’t be interested in where the money is coming from. Parents paying for you to move home? Ex paying to get you out all the sooner? New partner who runs a startup footing the bill for his new sweetheart? As long as the check clears, your movers don’t care. Just be sure to work out all the payment details ahead of time. That can be a very awkward conversation to have in front of strangers.

4. Whose Fault was the Break-up?

Ahh, placing blame — a favorite pastime of jilted lovers. Are you kicking him out because he cheated on you with someone in your book club? Are you leaving because she won’t support you while you work on your novel? Is it a mutual departure, full of love and respect? Remember, no matter the reason for the failure of the relationship, no matter what your current feelings are towards each other, your movers do not care. At all.

Stories of her wandering eye or his inability to keep a steady job will not help your move go faster. Your movers are there to move your belongings safely out of one location and into another. That’s it. You might want a receptive ear to help you sort through your heartbreak, but that’s a job for your friends, family, bartender, pastor, psychologist, or Lyft driver, not your movers.

Ready to move out after a breakup and move up to the single life? Get in touch for a moving quote today!

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